We adopted Charlie from the Humane Society as an 8 year old stray. Little did we know how timid and shy he was, nor was he house broken. With Billie’s help, within a few days he would come when called and was learning to trust us and to not jump at every sound. Through games and training, she helped him gain his confidence. He was house trained very quickly. He is still gaining confidence each day. Thank you to Billie and Waggy Day Pet Services for making him a happy part of our family!

– Liz



HI!  My name is Coal.  Though I pride myself in being very special, I am really just a mix breed.  I guess I am very special as my Mom is extremely picky about who is allowed to take care of me.  I actually met Billie MacFarlane several years ago when my Mom was working long hours and my “brothers” had gone to college.  Billie came in the afternoon to take me out and walk me.  She also stayed with me for awhile so that I had some human interaction, not just a potty break.  In the past few years Billie has taken care of me while my Mom is out of town.  She has stayed with me so I am not alone.  She has also taken me to play with the other dogs in the area which is really cool.  As I am sure you can tell, I am getting older these days and that means I need medicine and a bit more care.  Again, Billie is the one Mom has called on to care for me.  She trusts Billie with her home and more importantly, me her side kick.  She just has a way of making me feel safe and that is important.  She likes LOTS of different animals so call her if you have a question, but remember, I get first dibs!