Pet Training

We provide one on one training consultations in your home for both dogs and cats. For dogs we offer obedience and
behavior modification training including puppy and potty training. In obedience training, dogs will learn sit, down, stay, come,
go, leave it, and get it. Behaviors we can improve are leash pulling, jumping, chewing, digging, excessive barking, fear and
anxiety, and some aggression issues.
We can help cats with most behavior problems including litter box issues, spraying, furniture destruction, biting, scratching, attacking people and pets, fear and anxiety, and merging cat households. Cats
should be checked over by a vet for pain related behavior issues. All cats should be neutered. Getting a new pet? Let us
help you prepare your home and introduce other pets to the new animal. We can also help you pick out a dog or cat at the
local shelter.

Pet Sitting

Let us take care of your pets and house while you are away. We all need a vacation now and then; put your pet’s care in our hands, so you can enjoy your time.  Your pets will be cared for, played with, and fully entertained. They may even have more
fun than you. We offer many types of visits throughout the day as well as an overnight stay in your home. See our rates
table to choose how many visits of which length are right for your animals. All services include bringing in mail, putting out
trash, watering plants, switching lights etc. We are fully trained in caring for all species of pets from dogs and cats to birds
and reptiles. Schedule a meet and greet session before you leave so everyone is comfortable with the stay. Be sure to fill
out veterinary information and pet instructions under the forms page prior to your meet and greet. 

Dog Walking

We offer mid-day potty breaks of various lengths and longer daily walks for dogs who need more exercise. Some of the
benefits of dog walking during your busy schedule include: energy release, potty breaks, quick feeding, medication
administration, house breaking and reduced anxiety for you and your pet. We offer solo or neighborhood walks depending
on the amount of socialization you want for your dog. Special rates for multiple dog households.

Group Play

We will take your dog to the park for added doggy socialization. This enables the dogs to run around together off leash, participate in agility courses, and to just be a dog for a while. All dogs involved in group play must have updated vaccinations
and have filled out the veterinary information form under the forms page. This service is only offered to established clients.

Pet Taxi

We will pick your pet up and take them to and from the vet, the park, groomer, doggy day care, and on other special errands.
We can also wait with your pet and bring them back home.