All consultations and meet and greets are free of charge.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Pet sitting $60 for overnight  We stay in your home with your pets for 10 hours overnight and make two midday visits.  This includes four walks or potty breaks, two or three feeding times, and lots of petting and playtime. 

Regular midday visit $20 for 30 minutes – Our most popular visit is good for midday walks, supervised feeding, medication administration, and playtime. 

Value visit $17 for 20 minutes – Quick turnouts, potty breaks, litter box cleaning, easy keeper care, or a third feeding.

Extended visit $23 for 45 minutes – Multiple pet households, nail clipping, medication administration, long walk for exercise, or a combination of these services with a 25-minute walk.

Pet Training

Dog training $40 for 1.5 hour sessions – We provide one-on-one dog training in your home.  Most dogs require multiple sessions.  We will meet with you to discuss a training plan and you will have homework to complete with your dog each week.  Prices average $40 per hour.  Training packages are available.

Cat training $20 for 1 hour sessions – We provide suggestions in your home to help with litter box issues, scratching, biting, spraying, furniture destruction, merging cat households, and introducing new pets.

Types of training we provide:

Obedience Training: sit, down, stay, place, wait, give, come, etc.

Behavior Modification: leash pulling, excessive barking, digging, jumping, fear and aggression issues

Off leash training and target training also available.



We also offer group play at the dog park, pet taxi, and lockout services.