About Us

Our Services

We offer dog and cat training, pet sitting, dog walking, companionship, medication administration, transportation, group play, and anything else you might need. We love your pet when you can’t be there. So rest easy, while you are at work or on vacation, your little ones are being looked after and cared for with love. They may even be having more fun than you!

Meet our trainer

Billie MacFarlaneBillie MacFarlane founded Waggy Day Pet Services in 2013 to offer dog and cat obedience training, behavior modification training, dog walking, and pet sitting services to clients in metropolitan areas. She recently relocated her business from Salisbury, MD to Columbus, OH. Her aim is to provide care and comfort to animals and their owners who are away from the house for many hours during the work week. “I never want to leave my animals home while on vacation or working; none of us do. I want to give other pet owners peace of mind knowing someone is there for their pet while they are away.” Billie has a degree in Animal Sciences from Virginia Tech. Her background is in marine mammal and exotic animal training at several zoos around the country. She now spends her days as an avid dog trainer and animal enthusiast. Billie has owned almost every species of domestic animal as a pet. Some other passions of Billie’s are traveling, board gaming, brewing beer, and sailing. Her current pets are her dog, Josie, kitten, Tucker, and snake, Strawberry.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide affordable pet care services to pet owners facing long commutes and many hours away from the home. We serve our clients with compassion, respect, timeliness, and professionalism. Our training philosophy is operant conditioning with positive reinforcement and behavior modification. We combine training theory from traditional marine mammal techniques to those currently used by dog trainers. We strive to provide pet owners with the most in-depth service and value for their money through offering pet training during dog walking and pet sitting services. Our passion is to serve you through serving your pets.


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